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4 Important Tips to Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin

Four Things to Consider Before Hiring a Skip Bin in Melbourne

When hiring a skip bin to remove your household junk there are a number of factors to consider. This will free you up from taking all types of worries including where you are going to stow your rubbish. The concept of professional skip bins is really being acclaimed far and wide, including Melbourne and the whole of Australia.


When you are revamping your home, cleaning it or undertaking any kind of home renovation project, it becomes imperative to have a proper waste management system. A Melbourne skip hire is useful for everything from a small office transfer to a landscape gardening overhaul. Whatever your project is, first and foremost, you need to know a couple of things. How can you make this task easier and efficient, physically as well as financially?


If you are looking for cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne, make sure you follow the tips discussed below as it will help you get the best value for your money.


Things to Do Before Hiring a Skip in Melbourne

1. Identify the Best Skip Bin Size for Your Rubbish

    Generally, the majority of skip bins in Melbourne come in sizes ranging from 2 to 12 cubic metres. To determine the right size for your bin, you will need to consider two factors – the type and the amount of waste that you think can be generated out from your project. For instance, if you want to dispose of different types of waste, consider hiring multiple smaller bins as you will be able to separate the waste accordingly and systematically.

    Ideally, it is recommended to hire a skip that is a bit bigger than what is actually required. Playing safe here will ensure you with an extra space to dump your waste, in case you generate more than expected. Also, as you are not permitted to stuff the skip over the rim, you may have to pay for additional costs or need to hire another one. To avoid all this chaos, it is best to get a bigger size skip bin. For better understanding, read our blog on the tips of skip bin hire.


    In order to give you an idea about what type of junk requires what skip size, there’s a useful guide for you below. This will give you an insight into the size that you should consider for Melbourne skip hire.

    Skip Bin Sizes

    • 2m3 – When you have a small-residential clean-up project that involves single room renovation or spring cleaning
    • 3m3 – If it is a backyard clean-up or when you are moving into a new home
    • 4m3 – In case of garage cleaning or if you are renovating several rooms of your property
    • 6m3 – Big residential projects where a bigger amount of waste needs to be removed
    • 8m3 – To get rid of waste from a large construction project
    • 10m3 – To dispose of tonnes of rubbish which is typically required by large construction businesses
    • 12m3 – While clearing a deceased estate or removing waste from a home strip-out

    See our guide for more information on skip bin sizes.


    2. Determine the Type of Waste That You Need to Remove

    Once you have identified the size of the skip bin you need, the next thing to consider is the type of waste that you are getting rid of. Generally, there is no such demand by the companies to segregate your rubbish according to its type, but doing so will definitely prove to be a helping hand in achieving a proper waste management. The additional benefit that you will get here is filling the skip bin more efficiently.


    Depending on these general categories of waste, you can determine your waste type.


    • General Waste – This waste comprises commercial and household rubbish which can be anything except asbestos and hazardous items.
    • Green Waste – This waste category is all about grass and garden rubbish. The excluded rubbish here includes wet compost, soil, tree base or any type of carbonaceous waste.
    • Hard Fill – If the waste includes bricks, shingles, tiles and concrete, consider them in the hard fill type of rubbish.

    Here’s our detailed post on the different types of waste and rubbish removal.


    3. Plan The Placement of Your Bin Carefully

    It is essential to consider the placement of your bin before opting for Melbourne skip hire. The major reason is that these skips are not light in weight, hence if placed in one place; it can be a tough task for you to shift it or move it to other convenient places. Ensure that the placement is decided in a way that the supplier is able to drop your bin easily.


    Have a look at these tips on choosing the right location of your skip


    • Ensure that the skip is placed in the close proximity to where you are planning to remove the waste
    • It is best if the surface is solid and flat as, if not, you may have to consider placing wooden blocks to make sure that the skip is levelled.
    • Verify that your skip bin hire company provides the service of delivering the skip to your preferred location.


    4. Choose a Reliable Skip Bin Hire Company

    It all depends on how reputable the company is! Always look for efficient as well as cheap skip hire as there are many suppliers across Melbourne claiming to offer the best in the industry. Select the company who gives you the assurance of providing a quality service at the best rates.


    Contribute to Waste Management Practices with Skip Bins

    It is very important to dispose of the waste in the proper way, which otherwise may create a great risk to the health and well-being of the people as well as the city around. So, whenever you are planning to undertake any work that will generate waste, opt for cheap skip bin hire in Melbourne and do your bit towards creating an eco-friendly environment.

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