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Kitchen reno in progress

5 Essential Tips for Removing Renovation Waste

Essential Tips for Removing Renovation Waste


Perhaps you have been contemplating changing your kitchen, replacing old tiles or giving your bathroom a good old reno. Maybe you have been thinking about taking down an interior wall to free up some space. If you’ve been itching to do something new to your house, then perhaps it is time to plan a home renovation.

Hamptons kitchen after reno using skip bins for waste

When undergoing a home reno project, there are plenty of things to prepare for - from the budgeting to choosing the materials. With all the details involved in such project, many homeowners forget about one of the most important aspects of renovations—efficient waste disposal.

Whether you are changing your bathroom floors or renovating your kitchen, your home renovation project will produce lots of rubbish. It’s often the case that you generate far more waste than you expected when renovating your home. When you don't plan waste disposal in advance, old gyprock, windows, insulation, and other materials will start accumulating around your building site. So before you even start your project, you have to decide how you'll manage the waste removal from your home.

There are various renovation waste removal options, look at our list below and discover what works best for you.


Reuse, Give Them Away or Sell Them

If you have the time, then you might want to sell or give away some items or materials you’re removing from your home. Your old kitchen appliances might be useful to a relative or friend who’s living on their own in a new house for the first time. Your old paving stones or bricks might still be useful as pavers for someone else’s pathway or terrace.

 If you are planning to free up some space by removing non-load-bearing interior walls, consider reusing the timber. This is a cheap source of wood that you can use around the house or garden. You will be surprised that when you go online, you will find numerous DIY instructional guides on how to reuse old materials.


Donate Usable Items

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This idiom can also be true when we’re discussing the waste you’ll produce during a home reno. You do not have to throw away all the items and materials you are removing from your house. If they remain is a good usable condition, there may be someone else who can still make good use of them.

If the items are still usable, you can bring them to a donation centre. Remember, these donation centres can accept many things from light fixtures, cabinets and appliances to doors, windows and other materials that can be reutilised for other construction projects.

Before you drop off your usable items, don’t forget to phone the donation centres first. In order to be certain, ask them if they will take the materials you’re hoping to get rid of. Another thing to consider is to check the items or materials are in good condition. Tell the contractor to carefully remove them and that you intend to donate them. So before swinging the sledgehammer, decide which waste products you want to donate or dispose of.


Take your Renovation Waste to the Tip

The other option you can take is bringing your construction waste to the rubbish tip. After deciding which items you want to either donate or dispose of, you can hire a trailer to take your waste to the local landfill tip.

Prior to going to the tip, it is advisable for you to sort the waste. Keep in mind that these materials should be brought to their allocated bins. For example, most landfills have designated areas for large appliances, old computers, scrap metal and copper. So, do not forget to contact your local tip to get the information you need before you set off.


Use a ‘Man with a Van’

You can also use a local garbage collection company or “man with a van” to pick up the waste from your home renovation. For a fixed cost agreed upfront, you can ask them to remove your waste. You just tell them the type of items you are disposing of as well as the volume of rubbish and your pickup location.

 While this is an inexpensive option for removing your waste, it is not as practical as hiring a skip bin. Since the garbage collection pickup is scheduled, you would have to collect all the rubbish in a pile. If you do not have enough space in the garage, you might have to leave it lying around. This can be hazardous for your family as well as for the people working on your renovation project.

On the other hand, when you book a bin with eSkip, you can collect your rubbish and keep it in a safe place. You can put your renovation waste in our weather-proof skip bins and when your project is complete, we will come by and pick up the bins.


Book Your Skip Bin Hire with eSkip

Home renovations can be quite stressful since you have to deal with a lot of things. If you want the most convenient, practical and cost-effective solution for construction waste removal, then hiring skip bins from eSkip is the ideal option for you. If you take the waste to the rubbish tip yourself, you would have to go back and forth to the depot which is time-consuming. You save money and time by hiring skip bins that can accommodate all the waste you need to dispose of.

Also, what’s great about hiring skip bins is the fact that they are an eco-friendly way of waste disposal. Here eSkip, we only used licensed and pre-vetted skip hire partners who take your renovation waste to a facility where the rubbish will be sorted for recycling where possible. Just check out eSkip, book our bins and schedule a delivery and pick up. Once the bins are filled, our supplier will come to your property to pick up your waste.

yellow skip bin

There are many reasons why hiring skip bins are the ideal option for you, just take a look some of the reasons below...


5 Benefits of Skip Bin Hire

There are a number of industries that can benefit from hiring skip bins. Whether you're in the construction business or you're managing an office, you will find skip bin hire services useful for your waste disposal. Listed below are the top five reasons why you should hire skip bins.

1. They are Convenient and Safe

You have to deal with piles and piles of waste if you work in the construction business. When left unattended and lying around for long periods of time, the rubbish can be hazardous for the workers. To avoid accidents and injuries, you can hire skip bins where you can store the waste. Book with eSkip and we'll deliver the bins to you. You can store them in the weather-proof and sturdy skip bins and once your project is done, you can contact us and we'll pick up your waste. Stay safe by keeping your building site tidy

2. Good for the environment

A lot of people do not fully understand proper waste disposal. Hiring a
skip bin from eSkip also means choosing the environmentally
friendly way of discarding rubbish. You can select from a range of skip
bins and enjoy a clean and green option for removing waste.
Once you've filled the bins, our supplier collects them and then moves the
rubbish to a sorting facility. The facility will then sort and salvage the
waste to have them redistributed, recycled or reused.

3. Frees up space

One of the benefits of hiring a skip bin is getting more space on building sites. As we all know, building sites can get messy when the waste is left unattended. Having skip bins around your work site allows you to remove the clutter and free up space. Here at eSkip, we can help you decide which skip bin size is ideal for the amount of waste you want to dispose of.

4. Saves time and energy allowing you to focus

By hiring a skip bin from eSkip, you won't have to travel to the
rubbish tip, you also do not have to sort the waste yourself. Let the professionals will do the dirty jobs for you! This saves you time and
energy so you can focus on more important tasks. The only thing you
have to do is fill the skip bins and let eSkip take care of the rest.

5. Convenient way to get rid of rubbish

If you want a convenient way of getting rid of waste, then hiring skip bins is the best option for you. You can enjoy the convenience of having the bins delivered right where and when you need them. All you have to do is schedule a delivery and you can expect the skip bin at your doorstep within the time you prefer. Once you're done filling the skip bin, contact us to schedule a pick-up. You can expect our partner team to come on time to get the bins. Whether you need the bins for a commercial site or a residential site, we will be able to complete the job promptly. eSkip has the ideal skip bin solution for your needs.


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