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River Torrens in Adelaide at night

5 Interesting Facts About Waste Management in Adelaide

5 Interesting Facts About Waste Management in Adelaide

It might be a sticky, smelly, and sometimes unsanitary subject but waste management is also a serious topic.

Whether we’re talking about its impact on our environment or whose turn it is to put the rubbish out, waste – and what we do with it – is always a hotly debated subject.

Adelaide is South Australia’s coastal capital, boasting home to renowned museums displaying an expensive collection of arts. With all those people enjoying all of those great sights, there’s sure to be plenty of waste to clean up. When you're ready for that big clean up eSkip offers cheap skip bins in Adelaide and Adelaide Hills.


Here are 5 interesting facts about waste management in Adelaide


1. Waste Management is Big Business

Looking after our beautiful city isn’t always cheap and waste management is no exception. The city of Adelaide alone spends almost $15 million a year on waste services. That might seem like a lot of money but think about it – someone has to pick up all those empty meat pie wrapper at the Adelaide Oval!


2. Enough Plastic Bags to Cover Adelaide CBD

Australians love their plastic bags. Even with the emergence of ‘keep bags’ in recent years, we still use 3.92 billion plastic bags per year as a nation. According to Clean Up Australia, an estimated 50 million plastic bags enter our national litter stream every year. To put that into some perspective, these 50 million bags could cover the entire Adelaide CBD if they were combined into one plastic sheet. Now that’s a lot of plastic!


3. We Love Our Food

Food waste makes up the largest proportion of waste in our landfills. You might think that this isn’t so bad because food is natural but think again. This natural waste naturally produces gases like methane, which is 20 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide. Luckily in Adelaide, unlike many other Australian cities, we are able to dispose of our food scraps in our green waste bins.


4. Speaking of Food…

Being the industrious people we are, Adelaide have come up with some creative ways to eat our food and still help our environment. A program slated to take off this year takes compositing to a new level. This program will take food scraps from the famous laneways of Adelaide’s CBD and feed them to our parks and gardens. Now that’s what I call a solution!


5. “But Out” of Our Environment!

Well, about one-third of that nasty litter is made up of cigarette butts. There are plenty of laws and fines in place to prevent improperly butting out so make sure you do the right thing.

Waste management is a tricky topic but doing the right thing with your waste doesn’t have to be hard! By hiring a skip bin you can take care all of your waste when you’re preparing to move or renovate at home.

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