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Environmental skip hire Melbourne

7 Environmental Benefits of Skip Hire & Waste Management

Environmental Benefits of Skip Hire & Waste Management


Melbourne is one of the liveliest cities in the world. It’s growing population, economy and resources has brought prosperity to many Melbournians. But, it has also resulted in generating large amounts of waste. In 2014, the Victorian Government had forecast that Melbourne could grow to 7.7 million people by 2051.


While there is a rise in the recycling and composting, we still send too much of waste to the landfill. This irresponsible waste disposal has given rise to many negative environmental and health impacts. In order to protect the environment, it’s vital to engage ourselves in the proper waste management activities.


Waste is valuable. It should be reduced, reused and recycled. One such environmentally-friendly and efficient waste management activity is skip bin hire. You can simply opt for a quality skip hire provider in Melbourne and ensure that your waste is properly treated and disposed of. Opting for skip hire in Melbourne can help reduce the amount of waste we put in the landfill and can really aid in making a real positive impact on our environment.


The importance of skip bin hire and proper waste disposal


1. Avoid Depleting Our Resources

When we choose to recycle and reuse, we avoid depleting our earth’s valuable resources. For instance, we cut down the trees to manufacture paper. If we recycle our paper, we alleviate the need to cut trees. When we recycle aluminium products, we don’t have to mine for aluminium. We can also recycle steel cans and glass bottles.


When we properly dispose of our waste, we help in improving the air and water quality. Additionally, we also reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. If you are not able to visit any recycling facility in your town, opt for the skip hire in Melbourne. Skip hire companies work with the licensed recycling facilities. The waste collected is usually salvaged for redistribution, recycling and reuse.


2. Lower Energy Consumption

When you compare the process of manufacturing new products with that of recycling, you will find that the recycling process is more energy efficient. You will be surprised to know that recycling aluminium can save about 95% of the energy required for manufacturing the same amount of aluminium from raw materials. However, the amount of energy saved typically depends on the material and the process.


3. Prevent Toxic Emissions

You might be wondering why not simply burn all the waste and save ourselves from all the chaos. But when you decide to dispose of waste this way, it may cause toxic fumes to be released into the air. For example, burning plastic releases harmful gases and it should never be practised. By proper waste disposal, you prevent these toxic gases from entering our environment.



4. Transform Waste Into Useful Products

As mentioned above, proper waste management converts recyclable materials into useful products. For all your green waste, you can use eSkip to find a reputable Melbourne skip hire company. They will recycle all your twigs, palm fronds, grass clippings and leaves and turn it into compost. This excellent fertiliser can be used in farming and cultivation. This way you are helping in reducing the need for artificial fertilisers. At the same time, you are also supporting healthier crop growth.


Waste which is non-recyclable goes through a controlled incineration process. The energy produced from this waste is to generate electricity. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to transform your waste into useful substances, without any proper waste management.


5. Avoid Water Pollution

Another popular yet highly improper waste disposal method is flushing or pouring them down the drain. For example, people often flush the old medications as they are unsure about how to deal with them. Flushing medicines can pollute waterways. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to avoid these methods and look for some alternatives.



6. Avoid Filling Up The Landfills

When you opt for to use a skip bin for your waste in Melbourne, you can rest assured that much of your waste won’t reach the landfills. We generate billions of tonnes of waste each year. When you hire a reputed company using eSkip, your rubbish will be sent to a licensed recycling depot wherever possible.


They also ensure that the other waste is incinerated as far as possible. You need to know that when end up filling our waste in the landfills; it decomposes slowly and results in the production of methane and leachate. These substances are extremely harmful to the environment. When we avoid dumping our waste in the landfills, we dramatically reduce the production of harmful substances.



7. Control Spread of Disease

Waste is the perfect breeding ground for the bacteria. If not disposed of properly, they continue to grow.  Improper waste disposal allows diseases to proliferate in the environment. This risk of diseases and illness increases in the people or animals that come into the contact with the waste. Proper waste disposal helps in protecting the environment along with your friends, family and other people in the vicinity.



You may not have given it much thought, but opting for skip bin hire in Melbourne significantly benefits the environment. When you choose a reliable and professional Melbourne skip hire company, you support reduce, reuse and recycle campaign. Additionally, you also aid in the reduction of the leachate production and greenhouse emissions.


Take the time to find quality cheap skips in Melbourne. eSkip can be your active partner in conserving the environment for future generations.


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