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Green Waste Removal Adelaide - Where Does My Green Waste Go?

Green Waste Removal Adelaide - Where Does My Green Waste Go?

The City of Adelaide has a system to pick up residential green waste, such as leaves, grass cuttings and even food scraps, every two weeks. However, the council-provided bins may not be enough to collect green waste if you are undertaking a garden renovation or larger planting project.

Hiring a skip bin in Adelaide to stay organised and remove the rubbish from your house or worksite can help you keep clean and remove items quickly and safely at a convenient time.

But what happens once we pick up the waste? Here we’ll explain what happens after we organise green waste removal in Adelaide.


Diverting Green Waste from Landfill

When organic waste goes into landfill, it produces methane gas, which is 25 times more harmful to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. By separating green waste from other waste, we can help reduce the deterioration of the climate coming from South Australians.

Instead, when we divert it from landfill and reuse it as compost, animal feed, or as part of anaerobic digestion, we are participating in a more closed-loop system that uses fewer natural resources and creates less waste.

Adelaide Organic Recyclers

We take the green waste you put in your skip from your residence or commercial building to special organic composters on Liston Road, Lonsdale. This company converts green waste into compost and mulch.

The mulch is then sold back to the community at low prices, which helps to provide nutrients to soil for areas such as farms, wineries, or even backyard gardens. It can also help to fill in sloping areas and last up to two years.

A Greener Adelaide

The City of Adelaide Council Waste Management Plan sets the goal of increasing participation in kerbside collection of green waste to 25% this year. It also hopes to see 60% of all waste diverted away from landfill by 2024, including green waste.

eSkip supports the Adelaide City Council in reaching these goals by providing a means of removing larger amounts of refuse and green waste in an eco-friendly way. For the green waste you cannot put easily in your kerbside collection, eSkip can help make sure it does not cause harm to the environment when it leaves your residence or commercial site. We can also advise on the size of skip you need (from a mini skip to 9m3 or 10m3 skips) and help find the best placement for your bin.

If you’re creating or disassembling a garden, doing a landscaping project, or operating in a park, you may have a large amount of green waste to dispose of. eSkip is able to offer bins in the right size for you, so you can conveniently remove green waste and ensure as much of it as possible is being repurposed. But remember — it’s up to you to keep your green waste separate from commercial waste and other rubbish.

You can order a green skip bin in Adelaide online, or email eSkip today if you have any questions.


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