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old mattress for removal

How Do I Dispose of an Old Mattress?

Old Mattress Removal

Are you planning on purchasing a new mattress, but you have no idea what to do with the old one? We know how challenging it can be to move a bed, especially considering its size and weight. As such, you need to ensure that you have all the right information about properly disposing of your old mattress. Whilst it’s pretty easy to get a new mattress online these such as a Koala Mattress, it’s way more challenging to find someone to get rid of your old one.

If you share the same problem, eSkip may be able to help you. In this post, we are going to be showing you some of the best ways to dispose of your old mattress.

old mattress for disposal

Is it Time to Dispose of my Mattress?

Mattress manufacturers ensure that their products will last by slowly wearing out over several years. Now, various factors can affect the durability of a mattress, including its materials and the weight of the people using it. However, it can be hard to tell whether or not it’s time to replace your mattress. Usually, you won’t notice any dramatic changes.

Because of the consistent improvements in sleep technology, mattresses age differently. So, there is no single indicator that will tell you it’s time to put your bed to rest. That said, there are still some signs that may indicate when it’s time to move on to a new mattress. For instance, you may find yourself waking up unrested and achy. This usually happens when your bed no longer provides the support your body needs.

Of course, lack of proper sleep can lead to more issues. Keep in mind that not getting enough rest can put you at risk of severe medical conditions, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. So, if you start feeling things you shouldn’t feel after lying on your bed, an upgrade may very well be in order.

What Should I Do With My Old Mattress?

Now that you’ve decided to get a new mattress, you shouldn’t forget to dispose of the old one properly. Here are some of your best options:

1. Hand It Over to Your New Mattress Supplier

It’s worth noting that there are a variety of mattress manufacturers and retailers who can help their clients in getting rid of their old bed. These companies understand how challenging it is to dispose of an old mattress. So, when out shopping for a new one, you should ask your supplier whether they can take your old one when they make the delivery. Keep in mind that some companies charge an extra fee for this service. Regardless of this however, you’re sure to be getting your money’s worth, especially since you’ll be saving yourself from the hassle of getting rid of your old mattress.

2. Give Your Mattress to a Local Charity

Apart from getting rid of a bulky item, you’ll also be supporting a good cause when you donate your mattress. Do note that some of the best-known national charities—including Goodwill stores and Salvation Army—strictly do not accept mattresses. As such, when you’re giving away your bed, you should try to think local. It can be time-consuming and tedious to search for and contact organisations in your area. Hence, your best bet is to post the mattress on online listings or search for donation websites.

Even with an extensive search, you may find yourself with limited options, especially if you would prefer it if the charity picked up the mattress. Unfortunately, the sheer inconvenience of transporting mattress and fears about bed bugs deter donation centres.

3. Take Your Mattress to the Recycling Centre

Now, if donating is not an option for you, another way to get rid of your mattress is to take it to a recycling centre. In this way, you can dispose of your bed whilst maintaining a happy conscience. That said, this disposal method depends entirely on the resources and programs of your community’s recycling centre. As such, you should perform adequate research regarding this.

There are state agencies that organise programs which allow locals to recycle their mattresses without paying a fee. On the other hand, most local councils charge a small fee for the service. Now, if you are eligible for the free recycling program, you should ensure to contact the associated agency to arrange the logistics. Even if the requirements for recycling your mattress seem steep, don’t let them keep you from proceeding with this option. After all, you’re going to be doing the environment a huge favour.

old mattress springs for removal

4. Hire a Skip Bin From eSkip

If you want to guarantee the easiest way of getting rid of your mattress, you should give eSkip a shout. We can handle all the dirty work responsibly. When you contact us, all you have to do is inform us that you’ll be needing a skip bin for a mattress. Keep in mind that we have special arrangements for this disposal service, especially since we’re going to be dealing with a bulky waste item. We also have various skip bin sizes available to accommodate for whatever mattress size you have. Once you’ve secured a date, we will come to your location to drop off your skip.

When it comes to peace of mind, you won’t have to worry, because we always dispose of mattresses in a responsible manner. We ensure to take them to our partner recycling centre, keeping the item from ending up in landfill and contributing to higher levels of pollution.

So, if you need to dispose of your old mattress, don’t sweat it. Contact eSkip to hire a skip bin today and let us handle the task quickly and efficiently!



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