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a garage full of junk

How to Declutter Your Garage with a Skip Bin

How to Declutter Your Garage with a Skip Bin

If you’ve been living the busy lifestyle for quite some time, then you will notice clutter beginning to accumulate within your home. We’re not judging anyone who has collected piles and piles of possessions in their garage. After all, we understand how difficult work life can be. Most of us only have the energy to make ourselves something to eat once we get home. Every day, our to-do lists seem to be full. As a result, it comes as no surprise to find our garage filled with clutter.

garage full of junk

In most cases, we start with a couple of old envelopes and receipts. Eventually, we start filling our garage with any miscellaneous junk we can get our hands on. The cycle goes on because we are too busy to worry about dealing with the clutter. Of course, as a responsible homeowner, you should still try and find an opportunity to declutter your garage. We do realise, however, that it can be challenging to start the process. 

There are so many questions to ask yourself...

How do you decide what to get rid of and what to keep?

What do you do with all the items you want to dispose of?

Bringing your stained or tattered clothes to the local Salvation Army is not a charitable act. Of course, any garments that are still in good condition will do. However, excessively worn or damaged clothing should not end up in the local charity bin. You may be tempted to wait until dark and sneak your trash in your neighbour’s bins. But does that really count as responsible trash disposal?

Here at eSkip, we can help you get rid of your clutter efficiently and responsibly. You may be daunted to start this mammoth of a task. However, it is a lot easier than you’d initially assume. You do not have to drive to the nearest rubbish tip with a boot full of junk. Moreover, you don’t have to clog your hallway with a pile of trash. When it comes to getting rid of garbage, your best bet is to get a skip bin hire service. In this post, we will teach you how to declutter your garage by hiring a skip bin in three easy steps:

1. Set Your Goal

Before you start organising the items in your garage, you need to have a plan. To reduce the frustration, it would help if you wrote down the goals you want to achieve. Perhaps, you want to have a workspace in your garage. On the other hand, you might want to have a specific area where you can store your keepsakes. Planning will allow you to gain an overview of what you want your garage to look like at the end of the process. Moreover, it will help you determine which areas you should focus on. 

Setting your goals will also help you create a deadline for your decluttering project. In this way, you’ll have the assurance that your goals are achievable. What’s more, it will give you an idea on when you’ll need to schedule a skip bin delivery.

2. Sort the Items

Part of planning the decluttering project is deciding on a system for sorting the items. When cleaning up a house, it is best to limit the categories to four ways to declutter. Using this method will force you to make decisions item by item. Consequently, you won’t end up in a bigger mess.

In most cases, these are the categories that work best in sorting:

  • Keep – These are the items that should stay in their designated area once the project is complete. Ideally, you should keep them in a labelled container or a drawer.
  • Junk – These are the items that should not be in the cleaned garage. Make sure you try to recycle where possible.
  • Move – If there are items you want to donate or store in a different location, you should put them under this category.
  • Store – If items have deep sentimental value and you cannot throw them away, you can place them under this category. Make sure you store them into adequately sized containers and keep them out of the way.

You might end up struggling to let go of items that could be considered junk. If something like this occurs, then you should think of the last time you needed it. If you can’t recall it, or it was more than six months ago, then the item may be worth giving or throwing away. If you’re still struggling to make a decision, sleep on it. However, avoid ‘rescuing’ too many items!

3. Hire a Skip Bin

Now that you’ve gone over the problematic step to decluttering, you can move on to the last phase. It is now time to get rid of the items you no longer need. If you’re dealing with junk, you’ll need to determine which items you can recycle, and which should end up in the rubbish tip. Moreover, you’d need to bring these items to recycling centres. However, there is a more convenient and easier option. You can hire skip bins and let professionals handle your waste.

When you hire a skip bin from eSkip, all you’d need to do is place the junk materials inside the container. We will take the items to a licensed sorting facility, and they will salvage them for redistribution, recycling or reuse. You do not have to worry because we will make every effort to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfills.

When you need help in decluttering your garage, contact eSkip today!



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