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How to Fill a Skip Bin Efficiently

How to Fill a Skip Bin Efficiently

If you’ve ever undertaken a massive clean-up project before, then you would surely understand the importance of skip bins. That said, it pays to remember some vital tips that will allow you to fully maximise the usage of your skip bins. It would be best if you studied the capacities of different skip bin sizes. Of course, it’s also important that you learn about the acceptable types of waste. Aside from that, it would help if you learned how to fill your skip bin efficiently.

Before Anything Else…

Remember that you cannot hire a skip bin if you’re planning on getting rid of hazardous waste. For instance, if the rubbish generates chemical residue that can harm human health and the environment, you cannot use a skip bin for it. Some examples include asbestos, corrosive liquids, petrol, and even tree stumps. You should contact eSkip and ask for our advice regarding proper hazardous waste and asbestos disposal if you need to dispose of such items.

Don't fill your skip like this!

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Top Tips on Filling Your Skip Bin Efficiently

Once you’ve ensured that your waste is safe for skip bins, you need to know how to pack it efficiently. Here are some tips:

1. Pack the Waste Evenly

Keep in mind that once we pick up your skip bin, we will lift it to our truck. So, if it is unevenly packed, the removal process can be dangerous and challenging. If worse comes to worst, the vehicle may even tip over, causing damages or fatal injuries. As such, it’s important to make sure you evenly distribute the waste load throughout the skip.

We recommend that you start with the heaviest items. Doing so will help you avoid ending up with a top-heavy skip. Such a case can also be dangerous for our team once we pick up the skip.

2. Stay Within the Limit Guides

A lot of our clients underestimate the amount of waste they need to get rid of. When this happens, they fail to order the right skip bin size. Most people tend to overfill the bin to ensure that they can dispose of their entire waste load in one go. However, we must remind you that an overfilled skip can be dangerous, specifically during transit. Here at eSkip, we have a strict policy against overfilled skip bins. Aside from avoiding danger, we also need to follow local regulations.

Other people think of compacting their waste to make it seem as if the skip is not overfilled. Some even jump up and down to compress their rubbish. Naturally, this technique can be ineffective. What’s more, if you attempt it yourself, you could put yourself at risk of an injury. In any case, we always recommend getting the more significant skip bin. In this way, you can ensure that you will have enough space for additional rubbish.

3. Get the Ideal Skip Bin Size

As we’ve mentioned, skip bins come in various sizes. Usually, selecting the right one depends on the amount of waste you are expecting to get rid of. However, you should also think about whether you could accommodate the skip on your property. Keep in mind that in Australia, you are not allowed to place a skip in an area that blocks the pedestrian flow of traffic. Needless to say, it’s important to make sure that you have enough space on your property.

Now, you need to get the most accurate estimation of the amount of waste you are hoping to dispose of. We suggest that you stack the rubbish into a big pile to get an idea of the size of the bin you need to book. While we recommend getting a larger bin than your waste load, you also have the option to hire multiple smaller bins. After all, we also offer mini skip bins.

4. Filling Your Skip Bin Properly

One of the common mistakes that people make when filling bins is dumping the waste haphazardly into the container as soon as they generate it. This method can be inefficient as it will not allow you to maximise the space inside the bin. Instead, we recommend that you go through your rubbish and organise it. In this way, you won’t accidentally throw in any sort of hazardous waste.

The first thing you need to do is look for flat items that you can pack at the bottom of the bin. By putting them first, you are creating additional support for heavy items. The massive and bulky items should come in next. If you have oddly shaped things, you should break them down into smaller components to avoid air pockets. Fill in the gaps by packing in loose items. The last thing you need to do is place the lightweight items on top.

Hiring the Trusted Waste Removal Company

If you want to ensure an efficient and responsible way of handling your waste, you need to find a trusted waste removal company. eSkip are the experts when it comes to supplying high-quality skip bins. What’s more, we partner with a licensed sorting facility to make sure that as little waste as possible ends up in the landfills.

If you want a prompt, efficient, and friendly waste removal service, contact eSkip today!



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