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Keeping Your Building Site Tidy Using Skip Bins

Keeping Your Building Site Tidy Using Skip Bins


Keeping your building site tidy is key to ensuring that you get excellent feedback from your clients and construction site inspectors, plus it helps you work safely and more efficiently. Apart from these advantages, did you know that proper waste management at your building site also helps the environment tremendously? If you have not given much thought to what happens to your waste after you have disposed of it, read this article so that you can adjust your recycling and waste separation procedures to be more environmentally friendly using skip bin hire.

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Efficient waste disposal procedure helps:

1. Reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills

Proper waste disposal – which includes proper segregation – helps significantly in conserving space in landfill sites, as well as reducing the need for additional landfills. Proper segregation helps make it easier to determine if an item can still be recycled, or if it has no further use anymore. You don’t just help the environment, you also help other industries such as electronic, automobile, and packaging.


2. Reduce your carbon footprint and the release of toxic chemicals

Compacting waste and recyclable items reduces the volume of rubbish in each collection, so energy and fuel are saved. Additionally, proper waste management with the use of skip bins helps prevent illegal dumping which is extremely harmful to the environment and landscape.


Furthermore, proper waste management reduces the amount of potentially dangerous toxins that are released into the environment. Incorrect mixing of chemicals during the disposal process can lead to flammable hazards that does not just harm the environment, it also harms you. It is important, therefore, that you are aware of the toxic chemicals and what waste products have them, so that you and your workers will be very careful not to mix them with other elements that can cause these toxins to be released into the atmosphere. Using skip bins on construction sites can make this step infinitely easier and more convenient.


3. Save on energy consumption

When you recycle something, it uses less energy than when you manufacture the same item from scratch using new materials. This is because creating something new involves extraction and processing. Recycling is more energy efficient, so your carbon footprint gets reduced, you save on resources, and you are reducing the amount of waste in the environment.


4. Reduce pollution

A heavily polluted environment can be harmful to one’s health. In fact, most of the diseases in modern times can be attributed to toxins inhaled or ingested. Proper waste management and recycling of items like batteries and other heavy metals, such as mercury, nickel, sulphuric acid, lead and cadmium can eliminate the potential harm they bring the environment. Skip bins are also essential in keeping your building site tidy.


Top Tips on Keeping Your Building Site Tidy


Keeping your job site clean is essential in always keeping things safe and sanitary for you and your workers. It also helps you create a marvellous first impression, and this is important when you have clients and other parties involved with building permits and inspections visiting. You don't want your visitors to be in for an unpleasant surprise, right?


Here's why you should keep your building site tidy


  • Your clients will trust you more

Your clients were surely impressed with the beautiful model home they inspected and admired, which is why they decided to trust you with building their home. Keep that trust intact even when they visit their home while under construction by keeping everything clean. A clean working environment speaks volumes about your company and the work you do.


  • You won't get questioned for safety and sanitation

Apart from clients, you might get visited by authorities involved in building permits and sanitation and safety, and you don't want your project to be put on hold for something as trivial as a dirty building site. Plus, a clean building site also ensures that everyone on the premises is safe.


  • It is very easy

Skip bins are a convenient and efficient, low-cost way to keep things clean, safe, and organised. They are very easy to use, whether you are looking to store your tools or trying to dispose of waste. All you need is to have several bins nearby, and you can just chuck whatever needs chucking.


 How to keep your building site tidy

Assign an area for trash and other waste

Get rid of waste as soon as you can, especially if they pose risks to you and your workers' well-being. Segregating waste by using different containers is a good practice that helps you save time, doing away with the need to revisit your waste collection just to determine where each piece of trash is supposed to go. You can separate your garbage into three kinds: reusable waste, recyclable waste and waste that can be stored in landfills.

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Store tools away after using them

There are multiple benefits you can get from this. First, it keeps your tools organised and ensures that they can only be in one place when needed. This way, your workers don't go around the place, searching high and low for the tools they need. Additionally, it helps prevent slips, trips, falls and other accidents brought about by misplaced tools lying around. Distracted workers are at a higher risk of getting in accidents, so keeping your tools out of the way and in their proper places is one of the most straightforward ways to keep your workplace clean and everyone safe.


Fix tools that are broken

Tools that are in poor condition can do more harm than good. Put up a system that allows you to keep track of tools that need repair or replacement. These items must be set aside and should not be used by any of your workers. Instruct your workers on the proper way to label and report faulty equipment to minimise miscommunication and mitigate the risk of accidents.


Keep your access routes clear and passable

Emergencies can happen anytime. One of the best ways to ensure your safety and that of your workers is to always give room for everyone to move around and escape in case of accidents. Apart from this, you must also keep your building's entrances and exits clear and free from obstacles.


Skip Hire For Your Construction Site

At eSkip, we provide skip bins in different sizes to help you keep your job site clean. Our skips are made to be weather-proof and very sturdy, so you can rest assured that whatever you store in them stays in them. If you want to make an ecological choice, you have come to the right place, because all the waste stored in our bins get taken to a licensed waste sorting facility for recycling. This helps us keep our pricing affordable and prevent waste from filling local landfills.


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