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Know the Different Types of Waste and How to Dispose of Them

Know the Different Types of Waste and How to Dispose of Them

A lot of homeowners are too occupied to be handling their waste correctly. If you have several things on your plate, you’ve likely thrown your trash into the bin without thinking of any items that could potentially be recycled. It is always beneficial to look for proper ways to get rid of waste. If you don’t think about your household rubbish removal plan, your trash will only end up in a landfill. Of course, this can be bad for the environment.

It would be helpful to know how to classify your waste material, as doing so would be greatly beneficial to the environment. After all, this planet is our home. With that said, it’s important to conduct proper research before attempting to recycle items, as the process can be a bit confusing.  As such, we’ve put together this article to teach you how to classify different types of waste and learn how you can dispose of them.


One of the most common types of waste materials in homes is liquid. This category includes wash water, organic liquids, dirty water, waste detergents, and rainwater. You can classify liquid waste into point and non-point waste. Point source waste includes all types of manufactured liquid. Meanwhile, non-point source waste includes natural liquid waste.


Keep in mind that solid waste includes various items found in your home. Usually, you can break down the categories into the following:


Plastic trash includes containers, bags, bottles, jars, and other plastic products you can find inside your home. This material is not biodegradable. However, you can recycle many types of plastic. Remember not to mix plastic rubbish with your regular waste. Instead, you must sort them and place them into your recycling bin.


Paper waste includes newspapers, packaging materials, and cardboard, among others. Anyone can recycle paper easily and reuse it, so make sure you put them in your recycling bin. You can also collect them, and once you’ve gathered a considerable amount, you can bring them to the nearest recycling depot.

Metals and Tin

You can find metals and tin in various forms throughout your house. You can recycle most types of metal by bringing them to the nearest recycling depot or scrap yard.

Glass and Ceramics

Usually, it is easy to recycle glass and ceramic waste. You need to look for the recycling bins made explicitly for this type of rubbish.


Another common type of waste material you will find in your house is organic rubbish, which includes manure, discarded food, rotten meat, and garden waste. Over time, microorganisms break down organic waste. That said, it is not appropriate to dispose of them anywhere.

When you mix organic waste with regular trash, it will only end up in the landfill, producing methane. As we all know, methane is flammable and hazardous. It will eventually seep through the soil, finding its way to water sources.

Hazardous Materials

You can consider any waste items that are toxic, flammable, reactive, and corrosive as dangerous waste. These are the items that may harm people and the environment. As such, only professionals should handle them.

The waste that your household generates falls into different categories. It is crucial that you dispose of them properly to reduce your carbon footprint. We all know how waste disposal can be overwhelming. However, the task can be a lot easier if you ask for assistance from eSkip.

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