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Learn More About Waste Types And Rubbish Removal

Learn More About Waste Types And Rubbish Removal

 Our mission statement at eSkip is:

“Save our environment with effective waste management”


Every individual creates waste, which ends up in tips and landfills. Yet there are several families who go for recycling, but they also end up creating waste due to the fact that not each and every waste material is recyclable.


Did you know? Every year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tons of waste. If all this waste was loaded onto trucks they would create a traffic jam which would stretch around the world 24 times. The main reason this much waste gets generates is because 99% of the items we purchase are thrown in the bin within 6 months.


You must be wondering, what happens to the rubbish after it is put into skip bins? What are the different types of rubbish? Here in this blog post, you will get all your answers related to waste types and rubbish removal.


Basically, depending on the type of the material or regional terms, waste or rubbish is an unwanted material or substance. These wastes are classified according to their composition and origin. The types of wastes comprise of household waste, commercial waste, bulky waste and construction waste.


Confused about what to throw and what not into the skip bins? No worries! Here we have brief information about different types of wastes which can be put in a skip bin.


Types of Waste


1. Domestic Waste

Most of the general household waste, incorporating boxes, timber, furniture, white goods, some electronic appliances, clothes, toys, carpet, polythene, food waste and other types of green waste can go in a skip bin. For more information, read our blog post on important tips when hiring a skip bin.


Along with this, we should also keep in mind that these plastic waste should be taken care and disposed of to avoid the deaths of animals. It is estimated that marine waste, mostly plastic, is killing more than a million seabirds and 100,000 mammals every year.


2. Commercial Waste

Bricks, concrete, empty printer cartridges, packing materials, broken or damaged products, etc. cannot be disposed of in a general waste skip bin. You should dispose it separately in order to prevent it from mixing with general waste materials.


3. Clinical or Medical Waste

Did you know? According to Statistics MRC, the Global Medical Waste Management Market is valued at $10.78 billion in 2015 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% to reach $16.2 billion by 2022.


Medical waste normally produced by hospitals and medical institutions should be handled carefully because it’s potentially harmful. Therefore, it needs to be disposed of carefully! 

 Our handy guide for waste types has more information.

Importance of rubbish removal

A clean environment is a happy environment!


Nowadays, due to busy lifestyle rubbish removal is considered as something that is taken for granted. But on the other hand, the service of rubbish removal is essential for the health and sanitation of the community.


According to the recent ABS survey, “More than two-third i.e. 69% of Australian adults are concerned about the accumulation and disposal of household waste. So, therefore, it’s important that rubbish is disposed of efficiently and in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible”.


Rubbish removal also has some added benefits which create its impact on our health, environment and aesthetics. Some of them are listed below:


Benefits of Waste Management & Rubbish Removal


1. To Protect You From Disease

    If you do not dispose of your rubbish in skip bin and let the garbage pile up around your place, then this can create an adverse effect on your health. Rubbish removal is important for preserving health, comfort and happiness of everyone residing in your home.


    2. Rubbish Removal for Aesthetics

      Many of you will agree that a large pile of junk behind or in front of a garden is unattractive and unhealthy. Similarly, your house will lose its beauty and street appeal with the heaps of junk on the front lawn. However, you can utilise the help of eSkip to find the best bin hire in Melbourne efficient rubbish removal service.


      3. Save Your Environment

        The practice of storing the rubbish in unsuitable places instead of usual rubbish removal or pickup can cause harmful effect on the environment. So a routine rubbish removal is essential as it ensures you a beautiful environment and keeps your premises neat and clean allowing you to live a healthy life. Read here, the important environmental benefits of skip bin hire.



        After having a look at these reliable benefits, it becomes imperative to have a good rubbish or trash removal system for efficient clearing of waste material.

        Only one step is needed towards cleaning your surrounding and environment. Be that first step towards cleanliness by booking your skip hire with eSkip!


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