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Negative Effects of Burning Green Waste

Negative Effects of Burning Green Waste

You may not realise it, but your green waste takes up a considerable percentage of your junk. Green waste can consist of any organic items that you have discard—from garden trimmings to trash coming from your kitchen. Unfortunately, only a few homeowners ask themselves, “Where does rubbish go when I throw it away?” Many people carelessly get rid of green waste without thinking about putting it to good use.

What’s great about organic rubbish is that you can compost it. By processing it correctly, you can use it as topsoil or biofuel. No matter how you use it, your green waste can become a renewable and sustainable resource. However, most people choose the easy way to get rid of their organic junk. After all, it is easier to burn tree trimmings, dead leaves and twigs.

It may be convenient to burn your green waste. However, you must know that it is not a good rubbish disposal practice. Over time, it can hurt the environment. So, we’ve put together this article to show you the effects of burning organic rubbish. We hope that this post will encourage you to choose a more responsible green waste removal method.

It is a Safety and Health Hazard

Using fire is not the best way to get rid of garden waste, especially since it can pose a risk to the health of your family and the people nearby. The smoke can cause respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis and asthma. Those who burn waste can expect breathing difficulties and dizziness. If they leave these conditions untreated, it can lead to death.

It is also worth noting that burning organic junk releases toxic fumes and chemicals such as dioxins. Even the healthiest individuals can get sick because of these harmful chemicals. Keep in mind that studies have shown that dioxins can cause various diseases such as liver failure, cancer and skin rashes. They can even cause developmental and reproductive disorders. You would not yet have an idea that these substances are present in your rubbish until the fumes get to your lungs.

Aside from being a health hazard, burning green junk can also be a fire risk. It can cause potential explosions and uncontrolled fires. This scenario is plausible, especially when flammable substances or materials get mixed into the junk pile. So, you are putting yourself and your neighbours at risk of fires. This problem can destroy homes and cause injuries, or even worse, death.

It is Harmful to the Environment

Burning green rubbish can pollute the soil, water and air. When you do this in your backyard, you will end up with a pile of melted/charred material or ashes. Of course, this can drastically affect the landscape.

You should also know that burning green rubbish can cause water contamination. Most of the time, you use water to put out backyard fires. What many do not know is that the soil will absorb the contaminated water. Eventually, the pollution will reach nearby resources, causing harm to the people around them.

Of course, we should not forget that burning organic matter can cause air pollution. It generates greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, which can further damage the ozone layer. You may think that your actions are too small to make any impact. However, over time, the greenhouse gases you produce will add to the effects of global warming.

It Affects the Economy

As we’ve mentioned, burning organic waste can cause accidental fires. Now, fighting these fires and other environmental maintenance measures can hurt the economy. Not to mention, there can be a significant loss of local agriculture and business. Even those who do not practice green waste burning can suffer the consequences.

What are the Alternatives to Burning Green Waste?

One of the most excellent ways to get rid of organic rubbish is by recycling it. Turn it into compost which you can then use to improve your lawn, flower beds and vegetable gardens. You can even use it as mulch, to fertilise your shrubs and trees. There are many types of waste that you can transform into compost. This includes kitchen waste such as coffee grounds, eggshells and vegetable peelings.

Now, you may think that recycling your organic waste can be too much of a hassle. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! With the help of a skip bin hire service, you can avoid burning your backyard and kitchen rubbish! Here at eSkip, we offer a green waste removal service to make the process a lot easier for you.

All you need to do is call us and schedule a delivery. We will bring the skip bin to your location and pick it up on your preferred date. You wouldn’t have to deal with the smelly and dirty process of composting!

If you need to book a bin for green waste removal, contact eSkip today!



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