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Negative Effects of Improper Waste Removal

Negative Effects of Improper Waste Removal

As a company who works with masses of waste materials each year, eSkip believe that it is everyone’s duty to ensure that rubbish is disposed of responsibly. Each of us have a responsibility to care for the environment, as this planet is our home and damage inflicted upon the Earth is extremely hard, or even impossible to reverse. It is worth nothing that improperly managed waste—whether it’s domestic or commercial—can significantly and negatively affect our community. With that said, in this article, we will explain how improper waste removal can impact our environment.

1) It Contaminates the Soil

Irresponsible removal and disposal of waste can lead to soil contamination, which occurs when materials end up in landfills and develop hazardous chemicals that are absorbed by the soil. For instance, when plastic bottles break down, they release a carcinogenic chemical known as DEHA, which can cause reproductive system problems, weight loss and liver failure. Soil contamination not only affects plant growth, but also affects the animals and humans eating those plants.

Needless to say, it is essential for every household to responsibly recycle their waste. Recyclable materials such as plastics, paper, metals and electronic components can be sent to sorting facilities, and by being recycled and made into new products, a significant amount of waste is saved from ending up in landfill.

2) It Contaminates the Air

When plastics and papers are burned in landfills, these materials emit hazardous gas and chemicals that damage the ozone layer. Aside from that, they also release dioxins that put our health at risk when we breathe in the contaminated air. It is also worth noting that decomposing wastes in landfills can produce gas that can be explosive and flammable—a clear danger for nearby communities.

3) It Contaminates the Water

As we’ve mentioned earlier, hazardous chemicals produced by decomposing waste materials can seep into the soil, which can eventually find their way to water sources. As we all know, water is used for a variety of purposes—from watering farm plants to drinking. Toxic chemicals coming from waste materials can eventually affect streams and bodies of water, which can harm marine life and destroy habitats such as corals, which are suffocated and destroyed. Humans can also be put at risk, especially if they consume seafood that has come into contact with the contaminated water.

4) It Poses as a Health Risk

People living near polluted areas or landfills can be greatly affected by improper waste disposal. Aside from that, the workers and employees in these facilities can also be put at an even bigger risk. Since they are exposed to improperly handled waste materials, they can be vulnerable to blood infections, skin irritations, growth problems, respiratory illnesses and even reproductive issues.

5) It harms animals and marine life

We are not the only ones affected by careless waste removal. Like us, animals suffer from the effects of pollution caused by improper rubbish removal and disposal. Countless marine animals have died due to consuming heaps of plastics, Styrofoam and cigarette butts, whilst animals near landfills and contaminated areas have been poisoned by toxins coming from the soil.

6) It breeds pests that carry diseases

Some rats and mosquitoes breed and live in sewage areas, and are known for carrying some life-threatening diseases. Tyres and cans left lying around can collect water, which attracts mosquitoes who are searching for breeding grounds. Landfills attract and become home to rats that carry diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis.

7) It affects our local economy

Of course, everyone prefers to live in an environment that’s clean, healthy, sanitary and fresh. If a city does not employ proper waste management, it will definitely not attract investors or even tourists. Not only that, but landfills that are not properly managed will damage the local economy and affect the locals’ livelihood.

8) It robs your community of great recycling benefits

It is worth noting that there’s money in recycling, therefore when a local government does not employ appropriate waste removal and recycling practices, they are missing out on opportunities for earning revenue. Aside from that, they do not reap the benefits of reusing resources, and members of the community miss out on employment opportunities that recycling centres can bring.

9) It causes natural disasters

Have you noticed how news about disastrous storms and flooding has increased throughout the years? You’ll be surprised to know that one of the culprits behind this is improperly handled waste. The gases that come from decomposing waste materials rise to the atmosphere and trap heat, and these greenhouse gases are what causes extreme climate changes that melt the ice caps. This is one of the reasons why people around the world suffer from strong typhoons and drought.

10) It is killing our home at an accelerated rate

This planet is our home and we are harming it by carelessly handling our waste. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of the environment and preserve it not only for ourselves, but for animals and future generations.

An Easy Way to Responsibly Remove Waste

Of course, the easiest way to manage waste is by proactively reducing the amount of materials we consume and use. We should always look for opportunities to recycle or even avoid waste, such as using reusable containers, which can vastly help in keeping rubbish levels down. In the long term, it becomes easier to manage waste materials when you have good practices and plans put into place.

If you’re stuck dealing with piles and piles of waste, there’s no one better to contact than eSkip. Our company offers the most convenient way to properly dispose of rubbish, especially for renovation and clean-out projects. You can have peace of mind when you trust in our services, as we deal with waste by taking it to a licensed sorting facility. In this way, we are doing our part in reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in the landfills.

So, whether you need a residential or commercial skip bin, do not hesitate to contact eSkip today. Contact us and get a FREE QUOTE!



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