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Skip Bin Hire Western Sydney

Skip Bin Hire Western Sydney


So if you need skip bin hire in Western Sydney, then we’ve got you covered. And it’s not like in the “olden days”, as we used to call them. 

Back in the olden days, if you had a big pile of trash at your place and you wanted to get rid of it, you'd have to load up the trailer, hook it onto your tow bar, and drive out to the rubbish tip.

Then came the yellow pages. You know, in those big fat Sydney phone books. That was quite an advance, wasn't it? You could search through the paid ads in the phone book to find a local rubbish removal guy.

Then along came the internet and this wonderful thing called a search engine. But it still wasn’t all that easy. Right? 

Because you'd type in "skip bin hire Western Sydney" or “skip bin hire Campbelltown” depending on where you are, then you’d go down the page… because now you were facing a whole slew of competing companies all offering different rates, sizes, big ads from rich companies, small ads from guys you thought might be cheaper, etc. 

Some were paid ads, some weren't. 

But which were the value picks and which were overpriced? 

And how long did it take us to dig through so many options? Then you’d pick a few and give ‘em a call and leave a message if nobody was there when you rang. And hope they’d ring back.



Since the launch of the eSkip search-and-order engine, you just enter your postcode, pick the bin size and the dates you want, and in a jiffy eSkip will let you see the best deal that's available near you. If you like what you see, you lock in the order.

And you’re done! 

Try it. We're pretty sure you'll like it.


We know the waste removal business

And we know what you want. You want to hire a reliable LOW-COST skip in the Western Sydney region. Yes? Then this is it... Skip bin hire Sydney, done right. 


But we’re not just here in Sydney. As a matter of fact, we're Australia-wide so anywhere in this amazing country, you can enter your postcode and, fast as a flash, we'll point you to the most economical skip hire firm near you.

Including skip bin hire Campbelltown

Aerial view of Campbelltown 

Is this your scenario? You’ve finished a house reno or a huge weekend of spring cleaning (how come it’s called spring cleaning even when it’s not spring?). Nice going! 

But now there’s this mountain of rubbish. When you started, you didn’t know how big it was going to be. Now you do, you see you need to hire a skip

And if you’re like me, you want the cheapest skip bins in Western Sydney… so you can get all that trash off your property next weekend. But first you’ve got to hire a dumpster, as the Americans call it. In Oz, of course, we call it a skip bin

Now that you’ve done the hard part (the clean up), getting the skip is the easy part — when you use the FREE skip hire service here at

skip bin in Blacktown NSW

Step by step for skip bin hire Sydney

1, Select the type of rubbish you've got, since the price can vary depending on what’s in the load. Check our Waste Types page for the details of the 5 types of waste: general waste, mixed heavy waste, green waste, concrete and brick, and soil only. 

TIP: General waste is the popular default choice and it includes light building waste from renovating, moving house, spring cleaning, and so on.

2, Type in your postcode.

3, Choose the popular 4m3 skip (that's 4 cubic metres) or whatever size is right for your job.

4, Moments later, eSkip will tell you which business has the best deal for your dates. Order it and you're done!


Two quick things before you go

  • The secret of our success is our comprehensive database of economical and trustworthy skip bin hire firms across the country.
  • Supermarkets offer "collect and click". So do we. You click, and we collect your trash. It’s your fast track to arrange cheap skip bin hire Western Sydney.



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