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Tips for Reducing your Garden Waste at Home

Tips for Reducing your Garden Waste at Home

If you have a garden at your residential property, sadly, you are not spared from the problem of garden waste removal. Gardens and Lawns produce rubbish through their natural growth rate, especially when maintenance work is carried out. So, how can you reduce the amount of garden waste you generate?

If you are getting tired of dealing with mounds and mounds of green waste, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve been looking for ways to dispose of this waste by searching online for “green waste skip bins”, it would be first best to try and reduce your green waste. Here are some tips you can follow to reduce the rubbish coming from your garden, therefore saving on garden waste removal costs.

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1. Consider Reducing the Size of your Natural Lawn

Natural grass lawns have a sizeable negative impact on the environment. As we all know, they consume significant amounts of water. Aside from that, the chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers find their way into the soil, the air and the water systems.

So, it would be advisable to decrease the size of your natural lawn. Don’t worry, you can still replace it with artificial turf. These days, it’s very easy to find products that look a lot like natural grass. You can even enhance the look of your lawn by adding patios, walkways, decks and plant beds. By reducing the size of your natural lawn, you can lower the waste your garden generates. Along with that, you won’t have to deal with so many weeds growing around the area.

2. Choose Plants that Grow Slowly and do not Need a Lot of Maintenance

If you want to reduce the amount of waste your garden generates, it would be advisable to opt for native plants, succulents and slow-growing shrubs. It is worth noting that such plants require less pruning. Needless to say, they also naturally produce less waste. Additionally, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining your garden. Such plants also require less water to thrive, allowing you to cut your down your water bill.

3. Properly Maintain your Garden

This may seem like stating the obvious, but one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste your garden generates is by properly caring for it. As we’ve mentioned, your lawn takes up a significant amount of space in your garden, also producing a significant amount of waste. If you really prefer having natural grass in your garden, then it is important that you learn about the species you’ve planted. This will allow you to properly care for the grass, ensuring that they stay green for a long time. Moreover, when you mow, keep yourself to the top 1/3 of the grass. This will lessen the amount of trimmings, as well as the green waste your garden generates.

4. Consider Grasscycling

Grasscycling is one of the best ways to manage the amount of green waste you generate. It simply involves recycling or composting the grass clippings from your lawn. You can use them to create mulch to provide great nutrition for your plants. When you regularly grasscycle, you will be able to reduce the amount of fertiliser you use.

5. Create a Compost Pile in your Garden

Aside from creating mulch from your grass clippings, you can also turn them into a useful fertiliser through composting. You can add food and other garden waste to the pile. Just make sure that the pile is slightly damp. This way, air can flow through it. Over time, the food and garden waste will decompose and becomes a nutritious fertiliser for your plants.

6. Reduce Garden Waste Through Vermicomposting

Another way to reduce garden waste is by vermicomposting. This can be useful if you are generating a lot of food waste. The process involves incorporating worms into the compost pile to make it more efficient. It is also ideal for people who do not have enough garden space for composting.

7. Hire a Green Skip Bin

Of course, the best way to reduce your garden waste is to avoid generating so much in the first place. However, if you find yourself with so much green waste than you can’t manage, it's best to hire a skip bin. Sometimes, we generate green waste that won’t fit the council’s standard bins. Thankfully, you still have other options to conveniently get rid of your excessive garden waste. Simply contact eSkip and hire a skip bin!

Our skip bins are designed to make green waste removal in Perth easy, affordable and efficient. Just contact us and schedule a delivery and pickup. We will help you choose the right skip bin Perth residents can trust to get rid of green waste. You will have enough time to fill it up and once you’re done, we will be back to pick it up. We’ll take care of recycling your green waste. So, you do not have to worry about creating a smelly compost pile in your garden!

If you need to know about our skip bin prices in Perth, contact us today!



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