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Zero Waste Christmas Skip Hire

Waste Disposal Tips This Christmas

Waste Disposal & Skip Hire Tips This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. They make for an incredibly joyous time. Think of all the amazing food - the succulent turkeys and hams, the perfectly roasted vegetables, and of course the amazing, show-stopping desserts. Then there’s the company - getting all your family and friends together in the same place to make even fonder memories than last year.

And then there’s the mess and the waste…which slowly accumulates and creeps up on you at the end of it all, presenting itself as a large and monstrous mountain that needs to be taken care of immediately.

zero waste Christmas skip bins

Guarantee a Smooth Clean Up with Easy Waste Disposal Tips

Whether it’s waste that’s been generated from having your home prepared for the holidays, leftover food scraps, unwanted presents or the old decorations, we’re all met with an unexpected amount of rubbish at the end of this jolly season.

Luckily, there are some simple waste disposal tips you can follow to make the clean-up process a whole lot easier. Taking these simple points into consideration is sure to contribute towards a reduction in the amount of waste that you’re bound to be faced with at the end of the Christmas period. As well as our recycling tips for Christmas, read on to discover what you can do to cut down further on waste these holidays:

5 Waste Disposal Tips That Make All the Difference

1. Do a Pre-Clean Up

When preparing for the holiday season, it’s great to do a little clean up whether or not you plan on hosting any of the social gatherings or family parties. Consider finding time to do a full declutter of your home, so that you can prepare for the influx of gifts you and your other family members are probably going to receive. Get rid of all your unwanted or unused belongings so that you can guarantee space for the new items that will be coming into your home. Consequently, you can avoid having to deal with even more clutter building up.


2. Use Alternative Gift Wrapping 

The process of wrapping presents only to have them unwrapped generates an abundance of unnecessary waste. Moreover, most of the fancy gift wrap commonly bought and used contains a number of materials which are harmful to the environment. In addition to this, these are usually unable to be recycled. Alternatively, you could opt for reusable gift bags to store all your presents in, or even choose to wrap them in recyclable materials such as newspaper or brown butcher paper. You may even choose to further decorate these to make the gift look that extra bit festive.


3. Consider Donating Unwanted Gifts

You or your family members may receive gifts that you simply do not care for- and that’s okay. In this case, you should consider donating these items to local charities such as the Salvos or thrift stores, as opposed to throwing them out in the bin or keeping them in your home to contribute to the clutter. In this way, you will be able to give someone else an opportunity to make use of your unwanted presents.


4. Hand Out Leftover Food

Maybe you’ve cooked up a grand feast for all your guests and seriously overcompensated for the amount of people that ended up showing. It would be a real shame to let all that incredible food go to waste, and there’s no way your household would be able to munch through all the leftovers by themselves. To prevent wastage from occurring, offer to pack up some leftover food for your guests to take home. Not only will this provide them with another delicious meal to look forward to later on, but it will eliminate any need for you to worry about perfectly good food going to waste throughout the week.


5. Hire a Skip Bin to Declutter

Not only are skip bins a fast and convenient method of waste disposal, but they’re also a more sustainable alternative. This is because your filled skip is ultimately brought to a licensed sorting facility, where materials are salvaged for recycling and prevented from further contributing to landfill. Of course, it’s important to note that there a number of items that you can’t dispose of in a skip bin, so it’s important to make yourself aware of these and ensure you’re following all the necessary requirements.

eSkip is dedicated towards making your holiday period a pleasant one, from start to finish. We provide a versatile range of skip bins to accommodate for whatever waste size you require. Moreover, we ensure to do so at highly competitive rates.

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