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What Kind of Skip Bins are Right for You?

What Kind of Skip Bins are Right for You?

With more and more people discovering the benefits of skip bins, Perth residents are quickly picking up the trend and choosing the eco-friendly, cost-effective and convenient way to dispose of waste. These bins have been gaining popularity for many reasons. It is a perfect way to get rid of huge amounts of commercial rubbish. At the same time, homeowners can easily hire a bin to clean up after garden makeovers, renovations, storm damage or decluttering.

If you are not yet sure about the type of skip bin to use for your home or business, then take a look at the various skip bin sizes that Perth residential and commercial customers usually hire. Below is a list of factors you have to consider in making the best decision for your waste disposal needs.;

Choosing the Right Skip Size

The first big decision you will need to make is in the size selection of your skip bin. Here at eSkip, we offer skip bins ranging from 2 cubic metres all the way up to 12 cubic metres. To give you an idea of the capacity of our bins, note that a cubic metre has approximately the same volume as a standard trailer’s tray.

It can be a difficult task when it comes to estimating the size of skip bin you will be needing. On the other hand, you do not need complex formula just to ensure the best value for your money. It would be best to gather the items you need to dispose of in a single area before you book a bin. This way, you should have a general idea of the total volume of waste you need to remove.

If you aren’t certain, it is always best to book a bin that is a bit bigger than the amount you need to dispose of. It is always best to overestimate than to hire a bin that wouldn’t be able to accommodate your entire load. Unfortunately, we are mandated by law not to overfill the bins. As such, we would be compelled to leave the rubbish that cannot be accommodated by the bin you hired. This also means that you will end up hiring another bin. Needless to say, it is more cost-effective to book a bigger bin.

To help you gauge what size of skip bin you should get, take a look at our guide below:

  • 2m3 – These are the mini skips that Perth homeowners usually book when they’re undertaking spring cleaning or single room renovation projects. It can carry about a trailer and a half’s worth of rubbish.
  • 3m3 – This is perfect for when you are moving house. It can comfortably fit two trailers or 18 wheelbarrow’s worth of waste. Don’t forget to let us know if you need a ramp with bins this size.
  • 4m3 – 5m3 – These are ideal for removing waste from multiple room renovations. It can comfortably accommodate 3 to 4 trailer’s worth of discarded items and junk.
  • 6m³ – If you need to remove a bigger amount of waste, then this skip bin would be the best choice. We consider this the ‘in-between’ skip size. It can be used to get rid of big residential waste while it is also perfect for renovators and builders. It has the same capacity as five trailers or 40 wheelbarrows.
  • 8m³ – This skip bin is the ideal choice if you are disposing of rubbish from a large construction project. It can carry six trailers or 66 wheelbarrows’ worth of waste.
  • 10m³ – Large construction businesses typically hire this bin when they need to dispose of tonnes of rubbish. It has the same capacity as 88 wheelbarrows or eight trailers.
  • 12m³ – Whether getting rid of rubbish from a home strip-out or you’re clearing a deceased estate, then this huge skip bin is a perfect choice.

What Kind of Waste are you Getting Rid of

After selecting the size of the bin, you need to determine the type of rubbish you will put in it. This may seem like a no-brainer. After all, waste is waste. However, it is important to note that Australia has strict rules that Perth skip bin companies have to comply with.

There are several types of skips you can hire. If unsure of the options, you can give us a call and let us know what kind of waste you need to dispose of. In general, you can select between mixed-waste and general waste skips. Both of these can be used for general household waste and green waste. On the other hand, when you need commercial skip bins for discarded materials like; bricks, sand, concrete and other heavy building rubbish, is best to hire a mixed-waste bin.

Don’t Forget to Effectively Pack the Bin

It may seem easy to pack a skip full of waste. However, just like with maximising the space in your suitcase, there is a certain art to effectively filling a bin. There is a systematic way packing your skip bin to ensure that you get the best value for your money. This also allows you to make the most out of every square centimetre of your skip.

It would be ideal if you gather all the rubbish next to the skip. In this way, you will be able to effectively gauge what you have. Place the flat items first and let them lie on the bottom. After doing so, you can place bulky items like fridges and washing machines. You can place smaller items next and compact them in the remaining space. If you’re disposing of furniture, it would be ideal to break them down into smaller pieces before placing them in the bin. We also have some safety tips for loading industrial skip bins. Make sure you check them out to avoid accidents or injuries.

Get your Skip Bin from eSkip

Here at eSkip we can confidently say that you will get the best value for money. We ensure that we combine professional customer service with top-quality, durable skip bins. It is also worth noting that the cheapest skip bins Perth customers always buy typically offer cheap quality. With eSkip, you will not get that.

So, when you need to book the affordable skip bins Perth clients rave about, contact A’n’K Budget Bins today!



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