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Where Can I Put my Skip Bins in Adelaide?

Rules for Skip Bin Hire in Adelaide

If you work in the CBD, chances are you don’t have an easily accessible location you can place your skip bin right outside your office.

When hiring skip bins in Adelaide we require that customers choose a spot for the bin and adhere to the following guidelines.

We will ask your requirements on arrival and place your skip in an appropriate spot, subject to the City of Adelaide Council rules, for your ease of access so that it will cause less impact on your property.

Hire a Skip today with eSkip who will ensure your bins are placed at the appropriate spot.

  • You must place the skip bin with clear access to the closest public road
  • There should be no obstacle blocking our truck, lift equipment or bin
  • Light bins placed in yards require at least 2.5 metres of space around it, and heavy bins placed in yards require 3 metres.
  • If you are putting a bin in a public space, you must get all of the required permits and equipment before initial bin delivery. We require copies of these permits.

City Of Adelaide Rules about Public Spaces

To put a skip bin in a public space, you’ll need to obtain a permit for placing objects in footpaths. When you are applying for this permit, you’ll need to stick to the following location and siting rules:

  • Be located on the kerbside of the footpath to ensure a safe passage, consistency and legibility, for vision and mobility impaired pedestrians;
  • Not obstruct pedestrian flow or compromise access to pedestrian ramps (kerb ramps;
  • Not compromise the safety of users of adjoining buildings by restricting access or adding unreasonably to fire potential;
  • Be located directly between the business frontage of the permit holder’ business premises and the nearest kerb;
  • Comply with the relevant setbacks;
  • Not obstruct access to infrastructure or permitted activities, such as parking, public transport stops, loading zones, outdoor dining, underground services, or building entrances;
  • Not obstruct access to public street furniture such as seats, bicycle parking, drinking fountains, rubbish bins, telephone booths, and post boxes; and
  • Not obstruct visibility for footpath and carriageway users


Getting a Skip Permit in Adelaide

You’ll need three things to apply for an “Objects In Footpath” permit in Adelaide.

  1. A completed application form
  2. A copy of your public liability insurance, covering you up to 20 million dollars
  3. A diagram of where you intend to place your mini bin

These documents are available from your local council. Check the Fees Schedule to see if permit fees apply on your street and any other guidelines.

You can also apply online, which will make the process much easier. 


Tips for Moving Waste Longer Distances

If you’re moving commercial refuse down several floors and around the corner from your CBD office building, it might not be practical to make the trip every time you have a new object to throw out. If you're renovating or landscaping the outside of your premises you may need to hire a skip bin for organic waste and green waste which gets recycled here in Adelaide.

Remember, you can keep your mini skip bin for up to seven days from delivery, and there are no charges for extra days, though we ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you’ll be keeping it longer.

To reduce the amount of time it takes to get to your commercial bin, collect all of your rubbish and move it all together once per day. Consider renting or borrowing dollies, pallets, racks and carts around the office to transport refuse to your bin, or putting it in boxes that are easier to carry than individual items.

Learn more about our bin hire on our FAQ page. You can order your skip bin online, just go to our website to book your Adelaide skip bins today.





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