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Where Does All The Rubbish Go in Australia?

Where Does All The Rubbish Go in Australia?

Have you ever thought about where your waste goes after throwing it away? Are you confident, knowing that it wouldn’t make its way to the oceans or rivers? Well, if you took a look at the data, your mind would be changed. According to a study conducted in 2009 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) around 21.6 million tonnes of rubbish ends up in landfills. If you want a better idea of how much waste a tonne contains, try thinking of a small truck fully loaded with rubbish. Multiply that by 21.6 million and you’ll get the picture.

Proper waste management has been a controversial and serious topic in Australia. Terms like ‘recovery and reprocessing’ and ‘diversion rate’ are quickly permeating the vernacular. Waste disposal services such as eSkip are becoming more and more popular. According to the same study conducted by the ABS, the amount of waste Australia has diverted from landfills is around 42%. Now, you might ask, “These days, where does all the rubbish go?” Keep reading.

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Comparing our Recycling Efforts to Other Stats

Looking at our recycling percentage, it’s easy to think that we already have a pretty good figure. However, it is still not high enough compared to some of our international counterparts. Take Sweden for example. The Huffington Post reported that they only dump 4% of their rubbish in landfills. They recycle the remaining 96% or convert them into fuel. Waste-to-energy facilities incinerate the rubbish to generate energy that powers the country’s heating and electricity. If you look at it, they are hitting two birds with one stone. They are diverting the rubbish from the landfills while at the same time generating sustainable energy.

The only downside is these new facilities do not get enough waste. The country solved this issue by paying their neighbouring countries like Norway to dispose of their rubbish. How clever is that? They get paid to recycle and generate more power!

It is disconcerting to know that the United States, the largest municipal waste generator (according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), do not have the same waste management technology that Sweden has. According to the US Environment Protection Agency, only 34% of their waste is recycled. This means that more than half of their rubbish, 136 million tonnes of waste, ends up in landfills.

Landfill Rubbish Turning into Toxic Waste

Every country faces problems in rubbish disposal or waste management. The use and existence of landfills is scrutinised for several reasons. As we all know, the waste that ends up there can contaminate the surrounding soil, with the pollution finding its way into the water and atmosphere. The bio-degradable waste generates methane and other hazardous gases that harm the environment. It was reported in 2012 by the ABS that a huge percentage of Australian households improperly disposed of at least one item that’s potentially hazardous. The most common hazardous household waste products are batteries. Many Australians carelessly throw them with non-recyclable trash.

Waste Disposal Statistics in Australia

It is worth noting that the recycling rates in Australia are increasing. However, are we doing enough? Every person in Australia generates about 700kgs of waste per year. We’re consuming too much, but are we investing in state-of-the-art recycling technology? Well, unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’. However, as individual citizens, there are things we can do to improve our country’s recycling stats such as, promoting the hire of skip bins in Perth and across the country.

Rubbish Removal Option that’s Clean and Green

As Australian citizens and residents of this planet, we should prioritise environment-friendly rubbish management and removal. As we’ve mentioned, hiring skip bins is the eco-friendly waste disposal technique that Perth residents have quickly been picking up. At eSkip, we regard proper rubbish disposal and management as serious business. We understand that waste should be disposed of legally and efficiently. However, it is more important for us to keep the environment in mind.

You will be delighted to know that not all waste ends up in the landfills. We can recycle and reuse valuable materials. It is the skip bin hire company’s responsibility to ensure that the rubbish you give them will be managed responsibly.

Recycling Rubbish from Skip Bins

Here at eSkip, we offer various skip bin sizes. So, whether you need to dispose of household waste or commercial rubbish, we’ve got the right bin for you. When you book a bin with us, we collect the waste and take it from your kerbside to a licensed sorting facility. From there, it is determined which materials are able to be redistributed, reused or rejected. Doing so ensures that recyclable materials will be salvaged and integrated back into society.

Standard items that can be recycled include plastic, paper, metal and glass. After sorting these materials, they are delivered to other facilities where they can be processed into new recyclable items, including glassware, plastic and cardboard. You’d be surprised to discover how much of your rubbish can be recycled. By taking your waste to a sorting facility, we can ensure that as little rubbish as possible ends up in a landfill.

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Doing your Part in Recycling

Of course, you are not expected to sort the waste you throw in your skip bin. However, there is something you can do to help in the green recycling process. It would be ideal if you could separate your green waste from every day recyclable items. It is easy for many to just throw anything in the bin. However, taking the time to plan the items you dispose of can help in eco-friendly waste removal.

Choosing eSkip for Waste Disposal

Here at eSkip, we can promise that choosing us will bring you the best value for your money. As many people know, the cheapest skip bin hire Perth homeowners usually book do not offer quality services. After all, cheap prices typically equate to cheap quality.

When you book a bin with eSkip, you can expect durable, weather-proof skip bins along with quality customer service. We make waste removal convenient and cost-effective, benefiting everyone. All you have to do is give us a call and schedule a delivery and pickup.

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